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Transforming Ag & Rural Communities with IoT

Emergent is closing the connectivity gap that exists in agricultural fields and rural geography with its low-cost IoT network. That will enable smart IoT sensors and devices to improve farm and ranch profitability by reducing labor costs, minimizing farm inputs and protecting against precsious natural resources.

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Fully Integrated IoT Network & Data Platform

Tens of millions of IoT sensors running on Emergent’s network will enable the monitoring, control, and automation of various processes and systems through connected environments and supply chains; transmitting data from the physical environment through the network for analysis and action in real-time.

Emergent IoT is a state-of-the-art wireless network built on LoRaWAN technology creating a low power, secure, and broad coverage network that provides mission critical connectivity to transmit operating data from sensors that the agriculture industry and rural communities need to optimize and sustain their operations.
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