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Join our Mission to Bring Digital Ubiquity to Rural America
Drive your revenues and profits while creating positive environmental and social impact

Whether you are a Rural Hybrid ISP, a Middle Mile fiber operator, a provider of IoT Application Solutions, use IoT sensors to operate your business or are a supplier, buyer, lender, insurer, investor, government or organization with a stake in American agriculture and our food system there is an opportunity for you to benefit by participating with Emergent in creating rural digital ubiquity.

Watch to learn how LoRaWan® on Emergent's network and platform can help you with your business.

Network Partners:

By partnering with Emergent ISP's and Middle Fiber operators can expand their service offerings, generate new revenue streams, and better serve the evolving connectivity needs of rural communities and businesses.


Applications Solutions Providers:

Emergent's network and platform provides Application Solution providers with expanded market reach, allows for customization, and offers cost-effective connectivity options, enabling them to create value for rural businesses, organizations, and communities while growing their own businesses.


Sensor Users: Farms, agri-food businesses and rural communities can bring efficiency and optimization to their operations and dramatically reduce their costs by leveraging the scale of Emergent's network and platform.


Supply Chain Stakeholders:

Leveraging Emergent's network and platform, agri-food system stakeholders can revolutionize the supply chain through data-driven decision-making to improve overall efficiency and quality of food production processes while meeting the concerns of consumers for enhanced food nutrition, safety, security and environmental sustainability.  

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