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Connectivity is Critical


“Connectivity is the enabling fabric of Precision Agriculture. For Precision Agriculture to be successfully adopted by the Agriculture Community, it is critical for there to be reliable connectivity across operations on farms and ranches. The value of technologies deployed in agriculture is amplified exponentially when connected, allowing data to flow."


“Rural communities and agriculture players (that are) able to develop partnerships with telcos or LPWAN providers will gain significant leverage in the new connected ecosystem."                                                                              


Our Mission

Emergent is revolutionizing the rural digital landscape through a unique and all-encompassing approach to provide agriculture and rural communities with ubiquitous digital connectivity.

We are seamlessly integrating existing digital infrastructure with advanced networks, products, services, data and marketplace solutions to provide  robust connectivity from the farm to supply chains, distributors, processors and consumers; accelerating adoption, innovation and progress to create a more healthful, safe, and environmentally-friendly food system, planet and society.

Our Process

Emergent Connext is building a nationwide rural-focused LoRaWan IoT network that will:

Watch to learn how LoRaWan expands
the rural market potential

  •  Connect agriculture and rural communities to optimize their operations and improve their profitability and sustainability.

  • Dramatically reduce network deployment costs by leveraging rural ISP and fiber co’s existing infrastructure in exchange for a revenue share within their footprint

  • Create new revenue and profitability opportunities for our ISP and Fiber Company partners.

  • Expand the rural digital market potential with new products, services and marketplaces.

  • Incorporate Data as a Service (DaaS) as a critical part of the ecosystem of services.

Our Rural Impact

Building a Unified, Trusted and Sustainable Agri-Food Value Chain

Data from tens of thousands of sensors will be dedicated to inform the entire agri-food supply chain; delivering valuable insights to a wide range of stakeholders helping to improve the way we produce, process, distribute and consume food.

Our Planned Network Footprint

US Farms & Ranches

  • 2 Million Farms 

  • 1.4 Million Square Miles

  • 30% Have Poor to No Internet or Cell Service 

  • 94% Depend on Cell for Connectivity 

US Rural Communities

  • 50 Million People

  • 2.5 Million Square Miles 

  • 20,000  Communities

  • 10,000 Communities with Less than 1,000 Pop.

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