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Smart Communities


Emergent's IoT network brings real-time connectivity to rural municipalities to enable "smart city" technology

Agricultural Farms

Smart City IoT for Municipalities

Emergent's IoT network brings a comprehensive automation solution to rural communities by enabling monitoring for occupancy, leak detection, HVAC, sustainable lighting, propane tank monitoring, and more. Advanced sensors placed indoor or outdoor continuously gather data on occupancy levels, instantly adjusting HVAC systems to maintain comfort while optimizing energy use. Leak detection sensors provide real-time alerts for water or gas leaks, preventing damage and conserving resources. Smart lighting systems adjust based on natural light availability and occupancy, reducing energy consumption and ensuring sustainable practices. By automating these essential functions, Emergent's IoT network enhances the efficiency and sustainability of rural infrastructure, reduces operational costs, and improves the overall quality of life for residents.

DALLE 2024-06-06 15.36.50 - A vibrant rural A merican community transformed into a smart c
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