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Smart Metering


Emergent's IoT network enables rural utility companies & municpalities to implement smart metering technology

Agricultural Farms

Smart Metering

Emergent's IoT network is transforming rural communities by automating smart metering, providing accurate, real-time monitoring of utility usage for electricity, water, and gas. These smart meters, connected to Emergent’s IoT network, continuously collect and transmit data, enabling precise billing and eliminating the need for manual meter readings. This automation ensures that residents and businesses are billed fairly for their actual consumption, promotes energy and water conservation, and helps identify leaks or inefficiencies promptly. For utility providers, the IoT network enhances resource management by providing insights into usage patterns and peak demand periods, allowing for more efficient distribution and maintenance. By bridging the connectivity gap in rural areas, Emergent's IoT network significantly reduce operational expenses for municipalities and utility companies.

Kilowatt hour electric meters, power supply meters.Close-up of modern smart grid residenti
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